Big dragon stones or Ohko stones large

Big Dragon Stones

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Stones are used in aquascaping, it is arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner within an aquarium. Inspiration for arranging Stones comes from natural scenes such as mountains, jungles, waterfalls, deserts, and many others.

Dragon Stone is also known as Japanese Ohko Stone, is a very beautiful, highly cavernous exotic stone that is an excellent choice for decorating aquariums, terrariums, and bonsai tree displays. This stone is fairly lightweight and generally tan in coloration and is commonly found in tidal areas where constant water erosion forms the stone's many holes and caverns. This stone is clay-based and does not have a significant effect on aquarium pH or other water parameters. We package all of our exotic stones with ample padding/protection during shipment. However, we recommend rinsing any residual dust with non-chlorinated water before aquarium usage., making it perfect for medium to larger aquariums.

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