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Money back, Returns & Replacements

“We will refund the full amount in case of order cancellation as described in the above point under “orders”. Product can be returned for any manufacturing defects after a thorough inspection. Warranty as per manufacturer will be applicable as described in the point “warranty” above. A replacement is offered if you receive a product damaged or hampered due to packing issues or a defective product. Customer must send us an email at the details and picture of the damaged product (including aquatic plants) within 24 hours. In case of a return, shipping charges would be borne by us. However, you will have to send us all the original and manufacturer packing & boxes, the product should be in its original and unused condition and damage should not be due to improper handling. Not meeting any of these criteria would void the money back, returns, and replacements by


Warranty offered on the products is provided by the manufacturer directly, you may visit their website. However, in case you need more information or details for a specific product you can always inform us about the same.

Return or refund of Aquatic plants

Please note the plants color, shape, and structure may differ from the picture shown on the website due to immersed and submersed growth. All plants go through a settling phase after planting them. Often they will look brown/dull for a couple of days until they establish themselves to the new parameters which include light, soil, fertilization, carbon level, CO2 level, GH, KH, PH and Hardness in water.

For this reason, the customer will see some of the leaves start to look dry and melt away in the beginning. When this happens do not be worried as the plant will start to produce new leaves as it begins to adapt. However, frequent change of water after a new setup, i.e. at least 60% water change for the first 3 days will be beneficial.

In addition to this, whenever you see the above symptoms, please trim off the dry leaves as this will help the plant to recover and grow again.

Some of the red plants are extremely high light and CO2 demanding and will not survive in medium-to-low light setups. Please ensure you use high lighting, good fertilizers, and supply CO2.”