Internal Filter RS 118F



Filtration is a heart of an aquarium.  Aquatic life (or fish) needs clean water to stay, so quality filtration is essential and important to have a good aquarium.  Filtration can be biological, mechanical, and chemical.

  1. Chemical filtration removes dirt using a process called Adsorption by activated carbon.
  2. Biological filtration works by absorbing and decomposing microorganisms.
  3. Mechanical filtration is a physical removal of particles.


Filter has to run for 24 X 7 hours.  All filters have to be cleaned every 6 months for best output.  The media in the filtration system is live media containing bacteria, hence has to be handled with care. Biological filtration is more important than Mechanical filtration.

Internal filters are primarily made for smaller aquariums and used for small to medium sized aquariums.  Internal filters are generally cheaper than External filters, and they are placed inside the aquarium to provide water movement and aeration.


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