Marfield Contro Soil 10lts


Common Name :  Contro soil 10lts



A substrate is an important part of a planted aquarium and the aquarium’s aesthetic appeal.  It helps to keep the water chemistry, filtration, and aquarium’s inhabitants intact.  Beneficial bacteria colonize the substrate.  Without these bacteria in your aquarium, the ammonia and nitrite would shoot up to a toxic level killing the aquatic life.  Substrate Contro Soil is the world’s finest aquarium soil.  It is packed with vital nutrients and ensures the strong root development of aquatic plants.  We suggest the use of good quality plant base in the bottom of the tank, followed by substrate Contro Soil to achieve the best results.

CONTROSOIL TM is a multi-purpose soil that is volcanic in origin. It lightly acidifies and softens aquarium water to create an environment conducive to fishes, invertebrates (including shrimp), and plants that must be maintained in these conditions (e.g. aquatic organisms originating in tropical rainforest habitats).

The shape and size of the substrate Contro Soil encourages the strong root development of aquatic plants; additionally, the substrate Contro Soil is quickly colonized by beneficial microorganisms that improve overall water quality. Contro Soil will not disintegrate or cloud aquarium water; it helps to clarify water and also removes impurities. Made in Japan.


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